UKRAINIAN BEASTS Unleashed is a fundraising and promotional campaign, meant to support the heritage of the Ukrainian folk artist Maria Prymachenko. All the funds raised through the campaing via merch sale and donations will be transferred to Maria Prymachenko Family Foundation for the construction of the Art Residence in Bolotnya (Kyiv Region, Ukraine) and the creation of murals in Ohmatdyt Сhildren's Hospital (Kyiv).

It is also a cultural resistance campaign proving that Ukrainian essence and spirit are invulnerable to missiles. While the Russian army is unsuccessfully trying to ‘liberate’ Ukraine from its identity and independence by destroying churches and museums, Prymachenko's ‘liberated’ beasts expand their habitat range wildly and worldwidly. Because this is exactly what happens when one unleashes the beast. ; )


Buy & Dоnate

That is the very case, when one can make a donation with benefits for all: to help build an advanced multifunctional art center, get charismatic outfits and souvenirs, and spread Ukrainian art and vibe at the same time. 80% of profit will go to the construction and 20% will be reinvested in merch reproduction, which means that every single purchase = 100% donation.

UKRAINIAN BEASTS Unleashed is a multifaceted project implemented jointly with Maria Prymachenko Family Foundation and Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital. Therefore it has several missions and tasks.

Campaign Goals


Major construction of Primachenko’s Art Residence & Museum in Bolotnya, the artist's hometown. We can help it happen!

Turning a clinic into a gallery

Art is a remedy, figuratively & literally. Prymachenko's imaginary beasts on the wall of Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital are there to heal. Many walls await, you can contribute.

Exporting Ukrainian art

Paying a tribute to one of the country's most beloved painters by spreading her kind and vibrant art around the world.

Proving invincibility

The harsher attempts to destroy our cultural identity, the more indestructible, viable and viral it become. Proved by 365 days of the war.

Unleash The Beast

There are many ways to unleash and breed fanstastic Ukrainian beasts: you can buy our beasty stuff and wear them proudly on your sleeve. You can give gifts to your friends from different countries. And, if you happen to be out of Ukraine, you can download and print out our paper street-art beast, stick it on the wall in your city, film the process and send it to us — we'll make a video!

Thousands $ to Fundraise

Mural Painted

Media Mentions

Cities Participated

This project is implemented by NGO SHUM Rave in partnership with Maria Prymachenko Family Foundation and Ohmatdit Children Hospital with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).The website content is solely responsibility of NGO SHUM Rave and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the US Government.



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