Mural at Ohmatdyt Hospital

Building #15: Out of The Blue

Implementing art therapy practices, Ohmatdyt strives to transform its space into an open-air gallery of modern Ukrainian art, as well as to change the perception of a children’s clinic as an abode of fear and anxiety — after all, it is also a place of scientific miracles, healing and hope. The purpose of the campaign, in particular, is engaging donors to realization of this program.

The building #15 of Ohmatdyt is the Department of Infectious Diseases / Clinic for the treatment of children with HIV infection/AIDS. The features of the facade were used when creating the composition, namely the round window on the right side. One of the beasts on the left wall acts as a teaser for those approaching from the left side. The concept also required a partial restoration of the steps.

In just one day, the monochrome building turned into a painting by Prymachenko in the color of a deep blue summer sky, with a fairy yellow tapir walking through it. This is only the first mural — the collaboration of Ohmatdyt Hospital and Maria Prymachenko Family Foundation implies a whole series of them. The next one is below.

Building #16: Triptych

Building #16 of the Ohmatdyt Hospital is located right in front of the Building #15. It’s an elongated building that occupies the entire street. On the facade, there are three symmetrical niches — two are in the shape of a wine bottle and a central in the shape of rectangle. Such an architectural feature defined the idea of a triptych mural.

Three vertical compositions in the proportions of the so-called “skyscraper” were developed. Two of them, in the form of bottles, are made in a similar color scheme, and the central one is distinguished by contrast.

Bright colors from the works of Maria Prymachenko are used in the concept —blue, yellow, red. Additional colors create accent spots. All characters of the triptych mural are also taken from the works of the artist and carefully selected by Maria Prymachenko Family Foundation.

The collage technique made it possible to create new subjects and compositions that fit the unusual format of the walls. And the skill of a street artist will allow to preserve the unique style of Maria Prymachenko.